We recently moved to Orlando, and hadn’t connected with any doctors or dentists when, out of nowhere, my wife woke up screaming in pain from a tooth that had broken.  We knew that sooner or later it would happen, but why now.  If you want to know what helpless is, this was it for me.  I’m usually in charge, but this time, the toothache was. I went to the computer and did what really was easy, I googled, 24/7 Emergency Dentist and guess what?  That’s just who I got.  The Orlando Emergency Dentist 24/7. Talk about grateful.  The answering lady, not a service, an angel, Caral, took care of it all.  She is like a dental concierge.  And, we loved the dentist.  How could we not.  He took us immediately and he took the pain away almost as fast.  Now we’re really glad we came to live in Orlando.  We have a new dentist and my wife has a big smile.

My deep appreciation to you all.

Harry W
Orlando, FL