It was already past 11 pm when I called the Emergency Dentist 24/7.  I was sure that there wouldn’t be an answer, and if there was one, it would be an answering service’s recorded message.  No such thing.  Instead, a lady answered who was not only thoroughly versed in dentistry, she was concerned about my husband who he could hear screaming, in the background.  The sounds of his crying were unlike anything she had ever heard and immediately got to work to get us to a dentist, immediately.   That’s how bad he was.  She encouraged us to use ice and to go immediately to Philadelphia’s Emergency Dentist 24/7 where he would be taken care of immediately.  We were between locations and she checked to see which office could take him IMMEDIATELY.  Her concerns didn’t stop there.  It was as though she was in the car with us making sure we never made a wrong turn, and we didn’t. Hard to imagine that in this troubled, fighting world, there are still live services and LIVE people who want to help others and who live up to the purpose of the business they are in. Caral, the Emergency Dentist 24/7 lady did that for us and we shall be eternally grateful for the difference she made in our lives.

Most sincerely,

Rita M.
Philadelphia PA