Have you ever been out of town and gotten a toothache.  If you haven’t had the experience, I did.  And, it was the worst toothache I never imagined.  It was like fireworks being shot off inside my head and with nowhere to rest my head or any way to ease the pain.  Being alone in a hotel room in a strange city, didn’t help the matters.  I went on line and found Emergency Dentist 24/7 and called.  Two rings and a live woman answered and asked if she could help.  “You better believe you can help,” I answered.  A few questions and answers later, I heard Caral talking on another line, obviously, to a dentist.  She didn’t waste a second but knew who to call, immediately.  She set up the appointment and told me to hang in there because that city’s Emergency Dentist 24/7 was going to see me within the next 20 minutes. Would I recommend this service?  Of course I will.  The dentist she sent me to greeted me at the door to his office and assured me, the pain would be gone in minutes.  It was.  Thank you Emergency Dentist 24/7 for being there.

Nigel S.
San Francisco