I couldn’t believe it.  The very night I had tickets to the World Series, in New York, I developed a toothache that wasn’t going to quit, and it happened two hours before the first game.  This was the most desperate, frustrating, unbelievable thing that has ever happened to me.  One of my buddies went on line and found the Emergency Dentist 24/7, and called.  John told Caral (the lady who answered) the story and she told him not to worry but to hop in a cab and bring me to the ED 24/7 New York location.  Would you believe that the nicest, kindest, best dentist I had ever been to, opened the door, himself, told me to stay cool (hard to do, but I did).  He opened the tooth and when he did that, it began to get better.  We got to the game, but the Yankees lost (that one).

I’ve always been a Yankee fan, but now I am also a fan of Emergency Dentist 24/7.  Go ED 24/7 – GET THOSE TOOTHACHES!!!!!

Thanks, again Caral and ED 24/7

Shaun R.
Manhattan, NY