In the wake of this ever-worsening economy it seems all dentists have now decided to hop on the Emergency dental services boat. The only issue is most dentists out there, especially the ones in Chicago, IL, are NOT emergency dentists in Chicago. Dentists throughout the country are hopping on the bandwagon for a chance to gain some business. I can certainly understand desperate times call for desperate measures, but with that said i must look out for the patients we aim to serve.

Tooth pain is unlike that of any other bodily pain a human can stand, it is intense, it is severe, and it does NOT go away with mere pain medication, sleep, etc. Only a qualified dentist or dental professional can alleviate truly excruciating tooth pain. So what are you to do if you wake up at 3 am with terrible pain in your teeth? Or you are out dancing with your hot new date Saturday night and around 1 am you have a tooth knocked out from a flying beer bottle (this actually happened, and was the source of a call i had just last month).

What are you going to do?

Well, if you reach out to one of the many impostor emergency dentists you will get an answering service and be hunched over in prayer until the early morning. Why? Because all of the dentists who are drumming up emergency business without having the hours or required staff are getting your calls for help.

Don’t make the mistake

The Emergency Dentist 24/7™ National network of emergency dental professionals is the only 24 hour service network with true emergency professionals available every hour of every day to help you, your toothache is our emergency –

Call our national toll-free number today to speak with me 866-685-2008

I look forward to helping you receive the dental attention you need and deserve.