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We are extremely excited to announce our newest 24/7 service area: Sacramento, California. Located right in the heart of downtown Sacramento, between the cathedral of the Blessed and the California State Capitol – our newest emergency dentist is ready to start alleviating your toothaches immediately.

Visit our Corporate website at to see the new listing for Emergency Dentist Sacramento


Emergency Dentist 24/7 is proud to announce the latest addition to our national 24/7 dental network – please say hello to Branson, MO. Known as the “Live Music Show Capital of the World,” Branson is a small town in Missouri containing over 50 live performance theaters, three lakes, 12 championship golf courses, and an award winning theme park. With all of this fun to be had we wanted to make sure a toothache wasn’t going to ruin anyone’s good time. Emergency Dentist Branson can now be readched through our national suport line at 1-866-685-2008.

If you are on a fun filled family vacation don’t let serious tooth pain get you down – no matter what hour of the night, We Got Your Back 24/7. With available 24 hour dentists in almost all 50 states, we have the expertise and dedication to alleviate your tooth pain emergency. To learn more about the Emergency Dentist 24/7 Network be sure to check out the website,


Do you offer 24 hour emergency services to dental patients? Are you fully licensed and insured? If you answered yes to both of those questions and would like to learn more about how you can build your business while you sleep, check out the 10 Reasons You Should Join Our 24/7 Network.

90 degrees in April? With this outrageous and record setting heat, people are flocking to the Jersey Shore to get a taste of this early summer sun. Great news for all you shore goers is you no longer need to worry when a sudden dental emergency comes up. Eating lobster and crack a tooth on the shell? Eating oysters or clams and get a chunk of sand that ruins your day? Well not to worry – we now have qualified dentists throughout the New Jersey and maryland shore and beach points.

You can be sure that our Emergency Dentist Cape May and Emergency Dentist Ocean City will be available 24/7 to take away your tooth pain.

In the wake of this ever-worsening economy it seems all dentists have now decided to hop on the Emergency dental services boat. The only issue is most dentists out there, especially the ones in Chicago, IL, are NOT emergency dentists in Chicago. Dentists throughout the country are hopping on the bandwagon for a chance to gain some business. I can certainly understand desperate times call for desperate measures, but with that said i must look out for the patients we aim to serve.

Tooth pain is unlike that of any other bodily pain a human can stand, it is intense, it is severe, and it does NOT go away with mere pain medication, sleep, etc. Only a qualified dentist or dental professional can alleviate truly excruciating tooth pain. So what are you to do if you wake up at 3 am with terrible pain in your teeth? Or you are out dancing with your hot new date Saturday night and around 1 am you have a tooth knocked out from a flying beer bottle (this actually happened, and was the source of a call i had just last month).

What are you going to do?

Well, if you reach out to one of the many impostor emergency dentists you will get an answering service and be hunched over in prayer until the early morning. Why? Because all of the dentists who are drumming up emergency business without having the hours or required staff are getting your calls for help.

Don’t make the mistake

The Emergency Dentist 24/7™ National network of emergency dental professionals is the only 24 hour service network with true emergency professionals available every hour of every day to help you, your toothache is our emergency –

Call our national toll-free number today to speak with me 866-685-2008

I look forward to helping you receive the dental attention you need and deserve.


Unlike the competition out there we do NOT own a closed sign! We do not take off for holidays, weekends, or vacations. Our customers are our greatest concern, and becassue your tooth pain does not take a day off, neither do we and neither do any of our dedicated dental professionals.

Don’t be fooled by the mounting competition, Emergency Dentist 24/7™ is the original 24 hour dentist. If you are in Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Orlando, Houston, Anaheim, or any of over 40 other cities we are in – make the right choice and call the professionals.

We are here waiting for you when you need us.

Have you ever been out of town and gotten a toothache.  If you haven’t had the experience, I did.  And, it was the worst toothache I never imagined.  It was like fireworks being shot off inside my head and with nowhere to rest my head or any way to ease the pain.  Being alone in a hotel room in a strange city, didn’t help the matters.  I went on line and found Emergency Dentist 24/7 and called.  Two rings and a live woman answered and asked if she could help.  “You better believe you can help,” I answered.  A few questions and answers later, I heard Caral talking on another line, obviously, to a dentist.  She didn’t waste a second but knew who to call, immediately.  She set up the appointment and told me to hang in there because that city’s Emergency Dentist 24/7 was going to see me within the next 20 minutes. Would I recommend this service?  Of course I will.  The dentist she sent me to greeted me at the door to his office and assured me, the pain would be gone in minutes.  It was.  Thank you Emergency Dentist 24/7 for being there.

Nigel S.
San Francisco

It was already past 11 pm when I called the Emergency Dentist 24/7.  I was sure that there wouldn’t be an answer, and if there was one, it would be an answering service’s recorded message.  No such thing.  Instead, a lady answered who was not only thoroughly versed in dentistry, she was concerned about my husband who he could hear screaming, in the background.  The sounds of his crying were unlike anything she had ever heard and immediately got to work to get us to a dentist, immediately.   That’s how bad he was.  She encouraged us to use ice and to go immediately to Philadelphia’s Emergency Dentist 24/7 where he would be taken care of immediately.  We were between locations and she checked to see which office could take him IMMEDIATELY.  Her concerns didn’t stop there.  It was as though she was in the car with us making sure we never made a wrong turn, and we didn’t. Hard to imagine that in this troubled, fighting world, there are still live services and LIVE people who want to help others and who live up to the purpose of the business they are in. Caral, the Emergency Dentist 24/7 lady did that for us and we shall be eternally grateful for the difference she made in our lives.

Most sincerely,

Rita M.
Philadelphia PA

We are all very anxious about the upcoming launch of the new Emergency Dentist NYC website. This website will help to target search engine users in the brooklyn, queens, manhattan, and long island areas so they can get relief from their toothaches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. The site will only be a few pages but will be architected to drive traffic and exposure for ED 24/7’s new york city network of dentists. If you are interested in becoming part of the Emergency Dentist 24/7™ National Dental Network please email for more information. thank you.

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